Fabric and Care Instructions

Care Instructions
  • Wash your swimwear in cold water only with a mild soap and then rinse it in fresh water after use.
  • Hang to dry inside or in shade.
  • Do not allow your suit to soak overnight as this may cause certain colors to bleed and run.
  • Wash your suits separately from other clothes.
  • Most swimsuits will bleed a little the first few washings. This is normal, the bleeding will stop.
  • Do not line dry your swimsuit in the sun, hang it to dry in the shade.
  • Avoid hot tubs and highly chlorinated pools.
  • Never bleach your swimwear, put it in the dryer, iron it, or wash itwith white clothes.
  • Do not sit on abrasive objects (sit on a towel when at the pool or on a boat)
  • Avoid oil based suntan lotions. Oils are harmful to swimwear elastic and will stain some fabrics.

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